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Discussion Questions for

The Two-Sided Set-Up

1. Melanie uses her boat as her secret escape and “a room of her own.” Do you have a “room of your own?”

2. Why do you think Melanie makes wrong choices? Was it something in herself or was it a normal process a person goes through as they search for the right mate?

3. What clues to Hunter’s real self did Melanie ignore when she was dating him?

4. What other ways could Melanie have handled her situation with Hunter?

5. Do you think going home to confront her dad was a helpful thing to do?

6. What do you think of the author’s statement in the acknowledgements that “other people won’t treat your children any better than you do”? How does it relate to the book?

7.  Discuss how the word “Set-up” is used throughout the book.

8.  Why “two-sided”?

9.  What would you say is the book’s theme?

10. What do you think of Melanie’s final solution? Would you consider it justified? Moral? Ethical?


Discussion Questions for

Shadow of the Rock


1. What are the parallels in the stories of Rachel and Sara?
2. What examples of tyranny and oppression are described?
3. What do you think of Jefferson’s quote: “Religion with power in its hands is the worst kind of tyrant.”
4. What do you think the women in the harem were really like?
5. When people are dispossessed of property and possessions by conquering armies or new policies, what do you think they should do? What are ways characters in the book attempt to deal with it?
6. Rachel is forced into marriage. How right is she to withhold commitment to it?
7. What are ways the question of succession are handled in this booK?
8. How do you think Jews in this country affected the drafting of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights?
9. How did Sara’s character affect the book’s outcome?
10. How did Rachel’s character affect the book’s outcome

Discussion Questions for

The 90s Club Series


1. You probably recognize the titles as taken from the Nancy Drew books. That’s a clue that you’ll find references to the Nancy Drew stories buried in the 90s Club books. How many did you find?


2. Nancy Dickenson sometimes manipulates stereotypes as she goes about solving crimes. How many of these did you spot? What do you think about the myths and stereotypes of aging.


3.  Nancy uses the resources of Whisperwood to help in solving crimes. What resources did she use in this novel? What other possibilities do you see?


4.  The elderly are targets for scams and frauds. Which ones mentioned in the book are familiar to you?


5.  Do you think the characters are realistic? Idealistic? How do you see yourself at 90?


6.  In writing the 90s Club and the Secret of the Old Clock, the author visited the National Clock and Watch Museum in Columbia, PA, and the Casement Museum in Hampton, VA. Could your group plan a trip to either of these interesting resources?

Discussion Questions for

In Rembrandt's Shadow

1. The author writes the book in two parallel stories. Does the story following the provenance of the Rembrandt keep your interest even though the continuing element is a painting?
2.  Did Isa’s character surprise you as it developed in that time and place? What about Saul’s? Did her decision surprise you?
3.  Isa and Saul represent opposing points of views about religion, a woman’s role, and relationships. Saul thought they could overcome this. Isa saw only misery. What do you think?
4.  Josh worries that his family kept and sold the paintings sent to them for safekeeping, but if they decided the owners were dead or otherwise lost, would they be right in keeping them?
5.  As the Rembrandt moves through the centuries, what was the most interesting, thought-provoking, or intriguing historical time for you?
6.  What other ways could Sarah and Josh use to track down the reightful owner of the Rembrandt, considering this was 1999 in the infancy of the Internet.
7.  What role does Sara’s brother play in the story?

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