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The House on Hatemonger Hill

By Eileen Haavik McIntire

A colorful caper

of historical suspense















 “An engrossing tale of suspense, treachery, and bad choices made for good reasons…. Historical novel readers with special interest in a suspense story that embraces civil rights activism and gang activity will find The House on Hatemonger Hill hard to point down.”  – Midwest Book Review

Mystery Author Extravaganza -

Every year, I participate with the authors in the Chessie Chapter of Sisters in Crime. They put out a lot of good crime fiction. On Saturday, December 11th, I will be among the 16 of them talking about our new books and stories from this year online via Zoom.


Our Mystery Author Extravaganza will start at 1 p.m. ET. It should run about an hour. Everyone is welcome. The event is being run by the Fairfax County Public Library system.


You can register here: Registration closes at 1 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 10th. After registration closes, all registrants will receive the Zoom link for the event on the following day.


The 16 authors who'll be speaking are: William Ade, Ellen Byerrum, Emmie Caldwell/Mary Ellen Hughes, Karen Cantwell, Maddi Davidson, Eleanor Cawood Jones, Tara Laskowski, Millie Mack, Eileen McIntire, Susan Reiss, Misty Simon/Gabby Allan, Rosalie Spielman, Marcia Talley, Art Taylor, Grace Topping, and Stacy Woodson. 


Books make great gifts for others as well as yourself. So, we hope you'll register for our chapter's annual holiday-season Mystery Author Extravaganza!


FREE books on Kindle

Several of my books are now available free on kindle.

Just search Books on my name, Eileen Haavik McIntire.

Blog: On Banning Books

See BLOG Page for complete column.


“A synonym is a word you use when you can’t spell the other one.” —Baltasar Gracián

I love reading and writing mysteries. Here are two of my latest.

The Two-Sided Set-up


From Kirkus reviews -

“... fast-paced and multilayered thriller with well-developed characters and colorful settings.... An engaging tale for aficionados of psychological suspense.”


The 90s Club & the

Mystery at Lilac Inn

"The fourth title in author Eileen Haavik McIntire's "The 90s Club" series, The 90s Club & the Mystery at Lilac Inn  is another deftly written and thoroughly entertaining read that will be especially appreciated by all dedicated mystery/suspense fans." – Midwest Book Review

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