A Feast for Novelists


The last four years produced enough ingredients to feed novelists’ imaginations for years to come. Think of the possibilities: the rampant racism, the trampling of Constitutional mandates, the blatant use of lies, the repetition of illogical, manipulative slogans, the concentration camps for kids, and then the attempted overthrow of the government.


Whew! A novelist can’t ask for better material than that. Much of the outrageousness of the last administration reminded a lot of us of a past novelist’s work, George Orwell’s Animal Farm. Or maybe  we could call it a bully in a china shop.


I already know two such novels on the way. I’ve just finished reading a draft of an exciting techno-thriller about a private agency taking on white nationalists. The author’s plot line was inspired by the news from Charlottesville and other places where the rats came crawling out from dank, dark places to try to destroy Democracy.


My latest book, to be published later this year, was also inspired by current events but takes a lighter tone. It’s set in Washington, D.C. in 1964. My heroine, Sue Millard, is a timid college student who turns femme fatale to join civil rights activists in robbing neo-Nazi George Lincoln Rockwell. They succeed and send the stash anonymously to three civil rights organizations. Rockwell finds out who robbed him and targets Sue in an escalating campaign of terror to get his money back. It is tentatively called The Heist on Hatemonger Hill.


Like Mel Brooks, who wrote The Producers and turned a horrible man into a comic boob, I handled my recurring nightmares by ridiculing a hero of the white nationalists emboldened by the last administration.


Book Review:  Night Watch

By Linda Hall


I love boats. I grew up around boats. My father was a boat captain. I lived on a boat for three years. So coming across Linda Hall’s series featuring Em Ridge, boat captain, is a real treat. I just finished reading Night Watch, the first in the series.


Em is hired to take a boat from Maine to Bermuda. The owner insists that his daughter go along. On the voyage, the daughter goes missing. Fearing that she’s gone overboard, Em turns the boat around for a search. They find the girl dead in her pfd. But it turns out that the girl is not the daughter, no one knows who she is, and she was murdered.


The writing is crisp, the plot intriguing and full of twists, and the characters engaging. Recommended. The Kindle version is free on Amazon.

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I love reading and writing mysteries. Here are two of my latest.

The Two-Sided Set-up


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“McIntire’s latest novel is a fast-paced and multilayered thriller with well-developed characters and colorful settings...Most of the action is set in Virginia, and McIntire does a fine job of capturing the rhythm of its small-town life, from the friendliness of local business to the calm of quiet nights on the water. An engaging tale for aficionados of psychological suspense.”

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