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The House on Hatemonger Hill

By Eileen Haavik McIntire

A colorful caper

of historical suspense















Washington, D.C., 1964. Plain, timid Sue Millard turns femme fatale as she’s pulled into a dangerous plot to rob American neo-Nazi George Lincoln Rockwell. “It’s all for a good cause,” she thinks as she struggles with her conscience and her fear. Robbery is a crime, but Rockwell is an angry man with evil plans. Sue and her gang of thieves succeed and donate the stolen stash to civil rights organizations to help pass the Civil Rights Bill of 1964. The plot is perfectly planned—nothing can go wrong, but then Rockwell finds out who robbed him.  Sue is caught in the middle of an escalating campaign of terror as she fights for her life and what is right.


I had fun writing this book. It captures a battle for civil rights won by the good guys. By a fluke, it also began the liberation of women from the chains of male oppression. On a personal note, thanks to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, my first job out of college was on the professional ladder rather than the clerical one.


Like Mel Brooks’ The Producers, this book offered a chance to ridicule some really bad people and the American Nazi Party, founded and headed by George Lincoln Rockwell. As current events show us, this group of misfits is still around.


Contributing to the fun of writing the book was the memories of the boarding house I ran in Washington, D.C.. that was similar to the one in the book. I recount some of the incidents and borrow bits and pieces of the personalities who lived there, but the characters are entirely fictional.


The book will be available as a paperback on Amazon and other online bookstores and as a free e-book on Amazon.

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