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The House on Hatemonger Hill

By Eileen Haavik McIntire

A colorful caper

of historical suspense















 “An engrossing tale of suspense, treachery, and bad choices made for good reasons…. Historical novel readers with special interest in a suspense story that embraces civil rights activism and gang activity will find The House on Hatemonger Hill hard to point down.”  – Midwest Book Review

On My Own and Resist, Endure, Escape:
Remembering the Holocaust

I recently attended a memorial service for Erika Rybeck, author of On My Own:  Decoding the Conspiracy of Silence.  I helped her publish this book, and so I felt honored when the rabbi, the priest, and her sons at the memorial service read from it and referred to it numerous times. Erika was a loving, kind, and gracious person.

She was born into a prosperous family in Austria in 1928. She remembered a happy childhood, but then when the Nazis took over, her father lost his job, they lost their home, and they went to live with her grandmother. They sought a way to leave Austria and Europe, but their efforts failed.  In desperation, they put Erika on a Kinder Transport train to Scotland, where she was sent to a convent boarding school.
She grew up in the convent, protected from news








about the atrocities in Europe and the war. She never heard from her parents again, and no one told her what had happened to them.  As she came of age, she found relatives in Ohio and moved to the United States to live with them, still not knowing what had happened to her parents.

The book is the story of her life and her search for the true story of what happened. She finally learned her parents had been murdered by the Nazis.

I also had the honor of helping Susan F. Darvas publish her book, Resist Endure Escape:  Growing Up in Nazi and Communist Hungary.   Hungary joined Nazi Germany in declaring war on the Allies in 1939 with devastating consequences. Jews were hit the hardest. They were subjected to anti-Semitic legislation before, but now persecution increased dramatically. By the end of WWII, 565,000 Hungarian men, women, and children were murdered.
Against this violent history, Susan Darvas tells a story of the love that helped her and her family survive the horrors and privations of WWII and its aftermath under soviet rule. With the support of family and friends, Susan and her husband

attempted a daring escape that

eventually brought them to

England and the United States.
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"Let me live, love, and say it well in good sentences."
--Sylvia Plath

I love reading and writing mysteries. Here are two of my latest.

The Two-Sided Set-up


From Kirkus reviews -

“... fast-paced and multilayered thriller with well-developed characters and colorful settings.... An engaging tale for aficionados of psychological suspense.”


The 90s Club & the

Mystery at Lilac Inn

"The fourth title in author Eileen Haavik McIntire's "The 90s Club" series, The 90s Club & the Mystery at Lilac Inn  is another deftly written and thoroughly entertaining read that will be especially appreciated by all dedicated mystery/suspense fans." – Midwest Book Review

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