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Facebook: @Eileen Haavik McIntire,  Author

Twitter: @EileenHMcIntire

LinkedIn: @eileenmcintire

Eileen Haavik McIntire--that's me, folks--writes the 90s Club cozy mystery series featuring the 90-year-olds at Whisperwood Retirement Village who turn up clues like tricks in a bridge game to catch the culprits. I also write an historical mystery series drawing on Florida and art history. I was born in Florida, and Florida history books often include the story of a young woman captured by Barbary pirates, sold to the vizier of the king of Morocco, has two children, and escapes in a palace coup. Her grandson became the first senator from Florida. I was fascinated by that story and it became the inspiration for my first novel, Shadow of the Rock.


I travel for research and have ridden a camel in the Moroccan Sahara, fished for piranhas on the Amazon, sailed in a felucca on the Nile, and lived for three years on a motorsailer, exploring the coast from Annapolis to Key West.


I am recent past president of the Maryland Writers’ Association and an enthusiastic member of Sisters in Crime. My husband, Dr. Roger McIntire, is an award-winning author of books for parents. We live in Columbia, MD, with our little dog José.

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