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About the

90s Club Series

"With plenty of humor and its own original tale. . .a must for readers of cozy mysteries."

        -Midwest Book Review

Lilac Inn Cover.jpg

What would Nancy Drew

be like at 90?

Able, alert, and active, for sure, just like Nancy Dickenson and the 90-year-olds at Whisperwood Retirement Village.

 Whatever the simmering brew of murder, thievery, and exploitation they find, they turn up clues like tricks in a bridge game and risk their lives to uncover the culprits.

Just released - No. 5 - The 90s Club & the Clue in the Old Album

Garrulous and gabby Bill Myers is too nosy for his own good. A retired investigative reporter, he is sniffing into dangerous pots of greed and crime. When he is found dead, Nancy and the 90s Club step in to find the killer and discover what’s really going on at Whisperwood Retirement Village.  Nancy's cat Malone, not a nice kitty, saved Whisperwood once. In this book, he does it again.

No. 1 - The 90s Club & the Hidden Staircase

Something strange is happening at Whisperwood., Valuable objects are disappearing, and the death rate is higher than normal. What kind of skulduggering is victimizing the residents and who is behind it all?

No. 2 - The 90s Club & the Whispering Statue

The 90s Club heads south to Fort Lauderdale to rescue one friend and find another. Four attempts to murder 90s Club member Nancy Dickenson's friend Peter Stamboul have failed, but in the placid lifestyle of his retirement condo, who would want to kill Peter and why?

No. 3 - The 90s Club & the

Secret of the Old Clock

Nancy seeks the secret of an old clock as she and the 90s Club discover swindlers are targeting and defrauding the residents. The scams are online, but the swindlers know too much to be strangers. Did they shoot and kill Nancy's new friend Betts? Nancy and the 90s Club pursue the killer and the con men, but the killer is no fool and attacks first. This time, the killer swears, Nancy will not escape.

No. 4 - The 90s Club & the Mystery at Lilac Inn

This time, the intrepid 90-year-olds are given a free week at Lilac Inn Resort in exchange for solving the mysteries plaguing the inn. Someone is stealing the hotel’s supplies and spreading rumors that the local legendary Green Monster is stalking the resort. Then guests complain about missing jewelry, and the inn’s fortuneteller is murdered. Can the 90s Club solve four mysteries before the current guests leave and the inn goes bankrupt?

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I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

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