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The 90s Club & the Clue

in the Old Album


By Eileen Haavik McIntire


Who would want to kill retired journalist  BIll Myers? Bill's a nosy old buzzard at Whisperwood Retirement Village. Half the residents, his home health aide, a county commissioner, and his own daughter had a reason. Nancy and the 90s Club take on the challenge.


Book Review:

Under  Lock & Skeleton Key

Author:  Gigi Pandian


The protagonist, Tempest Raj, worked as a stage magician in Las Vegas but lost her job in an illusion that went horribly wrong, almost killing her and endangering others.  She knows it was sabotage. Now she’s back home in her father’s 4,500-square-foot house of magical, hidden hideaways across four separate structures.  His business is Secret Staircase Construction, building ingeniously hidden rooms such as a bookshelf that slides open when you reach for The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes or a secret reading nook that only appears when you say “Open Sesame” and other magical innovations.

This book is a delight. Secret Staircase Construction—what an enticing and imaginative idea.  And who remembers John Dickson Carr these days? The master of the locked room puzzle and other golden age mystery authors are evoked again and again in this sparkling mystery.

Though Tempest fears her stage career may be over, she resists joining her father’s company. When she visits her dad’s latest renovation project, her former stage double is discovered dead inside a wall that has supposedly been sealed for more than a century.  Tempest fears she was the intended victim and with her quirky friend Ivy, attempts to solve this seemingly impossible crime.  She also fears that the Raj family curse that’s plagued her family for generations—something she used to swear didn’t exist—has finally come for her.

Gigi Pandian has won multiple awards. This is her newest heroine in the series debut.  As her name suggests, Tempest Raj is descended from an Indian family of magicians. Her grandfather lives with them and is an accomplished chef of Indian food. The book includes several of his mouth-watering recipes.

ISBN: 978-1-250-80498-3

Minotaur Books, New York


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Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.”

― Louis L'Amour


I love reading and writing mysteries. Here are two of my latest.

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“... fast-paced and multilayered thriller with well-developed characters and colorful settings.... An engaging tale for aficionados of psychological suspense.”

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"“An engrossing tale of suspense, treachery, and bad choices made for good reasons…. Historical novel readers with special interest in a suspense story that embraces civil rights activism and gang activity will find The House on Hatemonger Hill hard to point down.”  – Midwest Book Review