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Hawke's Discovery - A Study in Ethics

Beacon Junction, Vermont, is a small town with a small town newspaper, the Weekly Clarion, but the ethical issues confronting the editor, Nathan Hawke, and his dad, retired lawyer Jonas Hawke, loom large in each finely written novel of this series by Mark Willen. Hawke’s Discovery, the third and latest in the series, pits Nathan against Jonas as they seek the truth behind an anonymous tip that could bring down a candidate for governor. As Nathan and Jonas try to judge the veracity and viewpoint of the various characters involved in a possible miscarriage of justice, they also need to make decisions about the ethics of how to write the story for the newspaper. This becomes an intriguing path of twists and turns for the reader. The characters of Nathan and Jonas are woven into the fabric of small town life with family and friends, all believable and all human with their own needs and flaws. Hawke’s Discovery, like Hawke’s Point and Hawke's Return,, is more than an engaging read. It’s a platform for thoughtful consideration of ethical dilemmas. This novel won a 2018 Best Novel Award from the Maryland Writers’ Association. Mark Willen is a retired journalist who was born, raised, and educated in New England. His appreciation for the values, humor, and strength of its people and their sense of community flavors each of his novels. As a journalist, he worked as a reporter, columnist, blogger, producer and editor at The Voice of America, National Public Radio. Congressional Quarterly, Bloomberg News, and Kiplinger. He was primarily based in Washington but also reported from New York, Moscow, Cairo, Beijing, Buenos Aires, and Johannesburg. He has taught journalism ethics and creative writing. He lives in Silver Spring, Maryland, with his wife, Janet.

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