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In high school, I quickly realized that I did not want to be an archaeologist, as exciting as that sounds. I learned that most archaeologists are not finding golden artifacts in lost tombs. They dig in the dirt under the hot sun for potsherds. Not for me. But at that time, if I did tell people my career goal was

archaeology, most would ask me how I would ever find a job doing that.

Years later, I interviewed an urban archaeologist. I asked him what people had said to him when he told them he wanted to be an archaeologist. He said he was strongly discouraged and, after college, went into finance. But he lost his job and decided that he had wanted to be an archaeologist all his life so he went back to school. He added that since he’s acquired an advanced degree in archaeology he has never been without a job in that field. One reason is that he could also write well.

Similarly, I knew a highly talented person who wanted to act on Broadway. You can imagine the discouragement she got, and I don’t believe she ever pursued that career. But when I surf the web and read the biographies of actors who are thriving in show business, I am amazed at the variety of possibilities they have. Many well-known actors are also screenwriters, directors, or producers. Some of them do voiceovers, commercials, training films, commercial films, model, or teach to name a few possibilities. Some of them travel the country performing solo.

I’ve been thinking about all the possibilities available today after seeing the film, “Eurovision Song Competition and the Story of Fire Saga.” It stars Will Ferrell, whom I always thought of as a goofy comedian. But he also wrote the screenplay, and in fact has written other screenplays and has also served as director and producer.


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