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11/20/2017 - From Fact to Fiction

When I wrote my first novel, Shadow of the Rock, I wanted to subject my heroine, Sara Miller, to an assault and near-rape, but I needed help describing how a predator would approach his victim. I found an excellent description in Gavin de Becker’s book, The Gift of Fear, a book often recommended to women. I followed de Becker’s descriptions almost to the letter, but Sara hadn’t read the book, so she missed the warning signs. She does fight back, wounds her attacker, and escapes but spends months dealing with the traumatic aftermath and the fear that she may have murdered the predator. Fighting to overcome her distress propels her into even more dangerous territory. Writing Shadow of the R

The Book Business: What Is Valuable?

I watched the appraiser pick up a book in good condition, hold it up for us to see. First edition, published in 1912 and a first-person account of the sinking of the Titanic. Wow, I thought. That’s got to be worth something. The appraiser turned to his colleague and said, “You want to take this or shall I?” Uh oh, maybe not. They’d already appraised three similar books that morning. First person accounts of the sinking of the Titanic are as common as carrots, it seems, with publishers and victims seeing a potential gold mine in timely first-person accounts. These books are not worth very much. I’m a regular watcher of Antiques Roadshow, and I know that condition is a prime value. So when a

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