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Historical Research: Mining for Gold

I am sometimes asked to speak on historical research for writers because of my two historical novels, Shadow of the Rock and In Rembrandt’s Shadow. I visited libraries and special collections, traveled to sites in Florida, St. Thomas, Morocco, and Gibraltar, consulted maps and long out-of-print books, and interviewed historians and others to collect the information I needed. It was quite an adventure. So I pay attention to the resources used in offbeat research and not necessarily by academics. Recently, a slim book called Finding the Little Klondyke Gold Mine: Grandpa’s Last Nugget by John Cox Williams crossed my desk. It’s the author’s story of searching for and finding his grandfather

Hawke's Discovery - A Study in Ethics

Beacon Junction, Vermont, is a small town with a small town newspaper, the Weekly Clarion, but the ethical issues confronting the editor, Nathan Hawke, and his dad, retired lawyer Jonas Hawke, loom large in each finely written novel of this series by Mark Willen. Hawke’s Discovery, the third and latest in the series, pits Nathan against Jonas as they seek the truth behind an anonymous tip that could bring down a candidate for governor. As Nathan and Jonas try to judge the veracity and viewpoint of the various characters involved in a possible miscarriage of justice, they also need to make decisions about the ethics of how to write the story for the newspaper. This becomes an intriguing pat

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