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Ghosts, Mediums, and Seances, Oh My!

In researching my latest cozy mystery, I wanted to find out how mediums make ghost knocks. I googled “magic knocks,” “ghost knocks,” and other phrases and came across a number of fascinating sites. Even snopes.com and mentalfloss.com offer comments on ghost sightings and séance tricks. Snopes takes on a video posted in October, 2017, to the YouTube page of Deerpark Christian Brothers School, a secondary school in Cork, Ireland. The video seemed to show security camera footage of a ghost opening and closing doors, banging file drawers, knocking over signs and moving chairs. The video was a viral hit, earning wide coverage and racking up more than 12 million views. The school’s deputy princi

From Fact to Fiction

When I wrote my latest novel, Rembrandt’s Shadow, which alternates chapters set in 1999 with chapters following a painting’s provenance from 1616 to 1930. I feltl as though I was walking in a mine field of anachronisms on every page. For instance, when were cell phones invented? My characters use them in 1999, and, yes, they were available then, but expensive. In fact, the first cell phones were released to the public in 1983 by Motorola and cost about $4,000. By 1999, they’d become smaller and somewhat more affordable, so it’s reasonable to suppose my characters had them, but they were telephones, not cameras and they didn’t come with apps. Today, we google everything—and expect to fi

Book Review: Inherit the Bones

I’m an avid mystery reader, and this debut traditional mystery will keep you guessing until the end. Inherit the Bones by Emily Littlejohn is well-written, engrossing and intelligent. Even the title works in several ways to define the book. The author is from Southern California and now lives in Colorado. Detective Gemma Monroe, six months pregnant, has a partner she doesn’t trust and colleagues who know more than they’re saying. In fact, everyone in this small Colorado town knows more than they’re saying, and each one holds a small piece of the puzzle. Gemma is called to investigate the gruesome death of a clown in a traveling circus. When the body is identified, it turns out to be that of

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