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Tips for Writers: Exhibiting at a Book Fest

Fall is approaching. Book Fests are popping up after the hot summer hiatus.

Here’s what works if you are exhibiting at a book fest.

* Share a booth with another author. You’ll enjoy the time much better, have someone to take over when you want a break, and your exhibit will be more interesting to passersby.

* Stand and engage with passersby. Ask them if you can tell them about your book. If someone stops at your booth, and you’ve told them about your books and they’re ready to move on, introduce them to the other author sharing your table.

* Capture email addresses of interested people so you can send them your newsletters and announcements.

* Make your exhibit colorful and attractive. Offer a giveaway or demonstration,

What doesn’t work:

* Sitting behind your table, reading or otherwise not engaging with passersby;

* Grabbing or interrupting someone engaged with another exhibitor.

* Pushing for a sale.

Most times you may not sell enough books to cover the exhibit fee, but you will greet and meet people interested enough to chat with you. Consider this encounter your first volley. Sometimes you will meet a reader who knows and—glory be!—likes your books. Enjoy!

You can also see what other authors in your genre are writing and discover organizations and people of interest or benefit to you. Sometimes, it’s more about networking than selling.


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